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Working as a team to deliver outstanding orthopaedic care, Middle Georgia Orthopaedics is your source for the most comprehensive bone, joint, and muscle care in pickleball.

Serving Houston County and Central Georgia since 1998, Middle Georgia Orthopaedics has remained dedicated to providing the expert care needed for our whole community of athletes and active individuals. When it comes to the bustling world of pickleball, we are proud to provide exceptional bone, joint, and muscle care to keep beginners and pros alike enjoying themselves on the court.

Pickleball, with its blend of health benefits and injury risks, necessitates a proactive wellness strategy. When injury strikes, expedient and effective recovery requires the guidance of seasoned professionals who can customize treatments to your unique requirements.

At Middle Georgia Orthopaedics, our team of specialists excels in addressing pickleball-related injuries. Through personalized care and rehabilitation plans, our doctors are dedicated to alleviating pain and reducing limitations, enabling you to return to the pickleball court swiftly and stay at the top of your game.

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Our pickleball injury experts at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics are proud to be Pickleball Doctors. Providing expert tips for injury prevention, performance, and more, Pickleball Doctors is a group of elite doctors dedicated to helping you keep your spot on the pickleball court.

More Pickleball Tips

Performing on the Pickleball Court & Preventing Injury

Achieving success in pickleball hinges on valuing both wellness and safety. Whatever your skill level, you can radically reduce on-court injury risks by preparing off-court using the right methods and enough dedication.

Engaging in activities like strength training, conditioning, and focused stretching plays a pivotal role in preparing pickleball enthusiasts for their forthcoming matches. For those aiming for peak protection and performance, our customized program is here to assist.

Pickleball 10 to Win

Enhance your court performance and endurance by utilizing these 10 specific exercises designed to boost flexibility, agility, strength, and stamina.

Exercise 1


Stand straight or lie on your back and open up your arms, pulling your shoulders back to broaden your chest. Bring your arms back in, wrapping them around your chest, and pat the back of your shoulders. Repeat quickly 20 times.

bear hugs

For the Win: Do some resistance bear hugs. Hold a resistance band around your back. Then, reach your arms out in front of you like you are hugging someone. Hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, but keep your posture straight. Keep your feet together and jump up and down in place. Repeat for 30 seconds.

pogo hops

For the Win: Do some single-leg hops. Balance on one leg and hop in place for 30 seconds. Repeat while balancing on your other leg. For better agility training, use a line to hop over from left to right.


Lie on your side with your legs straight and one leg on top of the other. Bend your knees slightly and move your top leg toward the sky or ceiling. Lift your leg slowly and lower it slowly. Repeat 10 times on each side.

side-lying leg lift

For the Win: Try resistance leg lifts! While lying on your side, place a resistance band around your legs and above your knees while you complete your leg lifts. For more of a challenge, place the band around your ankles.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and lift one foot off the ground. If you need, hold your arms out to help you balance. Hold this position for up to a minute or as long as you can and repeat on the other side.

single-leg balance

For the Win: Do single-leg extensions. Stand on one foot. Lift your other leg, extending it behind you, in front of you, and off to the side. Center your leg before each extension. Repeat 15 times on each side.


Stand on one foot and pull the other behind you, holding the ankle. If you need, hold onto something for balance. Pull your heel toward your buttocks, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on each side.

standing quad stretch

For the Win: Do kneeling quad stretches. Kneel on one knee with the opposite foot planted flat in front of you. Push your hips forward and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for 3 sets on each side.


Put a resistance band around a stable surface, like a tree or fence, holding the band in each hand. Stand facing the band with your feet hip-width apart. Pull the band toward you, squeezing your shoulder blades. Return to your starting position. Repeat 15 times.


For the Win: Do some bodyweight rows. Instead of resistance bands, use your body weight. Find a stable horizontal surface, such as a table or bar, and lie underneath it, grasping the surface firmly with both hands. Pull yourself up then lower yourself back down. Repeat 15 times.


Put your hands and knees on the ground, and then extend your legs behind you. Support your weight on your forearms and toes. Keep your body straight from your head to your heels. Hold this position as long as you can.


For the Win: Try side planks with resistance in your arms. Support your weight on one foot and forearm. Hold a resistance band in both hands, and extend your free arm toward the sky or ceiling. Repeat 10 times on each side.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lift your heels off the ground, rising up onto the balls of your feet. Pause as you get to your tip-toe position, then lower your heels slowly back down to the ground. Repeat 20 times.

heel raises

For the Win: Try single-leg heel raises. Instead of using both feet, lift one foot off the ground while putting your weight on the other foot and lifting that heel up. Repeat 20 times on each side.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your hips down and back as if you are sitting down in a chair. Keep your weight on your heels. Return to a standing position. Repeat 10 times.


For the Win: Try single-leg squats. Instead of two feet down as you squat, lift one foot off the ground and extend it in front of you as you lower your hips and return to a standing position. Repeat 10 times on each side.


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Take a big step forward with one foot. Lower your hips down until your front knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your weight on your front heel. Push off your front foot to return to a standing position. Repeat 10 times on each side.


For the Win: Do backward and side lunges. For backward lunges, take a big step backward, lower, and push off your back foot to return to standing. For side lunges, take a step out to the side, lower yourself on that side, and push back up from that foot to return to standing.

When to See an Expert

If you're injured or experiencing pain, it's essential to avoid playing pickleball—or any sport. Even seemingly minor injuries can exacerbate existing issues, potentially delaying or interrupting your recovery. Seeking timely consultation with an orthopaedic specialist is crucial to prevent possible complications.

Effective injury management demands precise evaluation and immediate intervention from an experienced expert. To get the care you need, request an appointment online or call (478) 953-4563 to consult with one of our orthopaedic and sports medicine doctors if you experience:

  • Pain and tenderness in the affected area
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Limited range of motion or stiffness
  • Weakness or instability in the joint or surrounding muscles
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Pain exacerbated by certain movements or activities
pickleball equipment

Since pickleball is so dynamic, injuries vary widely, but the most common include:

  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Herniated or slipped discs
  • Muscle strains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tears and other shoulder injuries
  • Tennis elbow, also called pickleball elbow
  • Torn ligaments (ACL and MCL)
  • Wrist and ankle sprains

Who to See

K. Scott Malone, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Scott Malone, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor specializing in the nonsurgical treatment of sports-related acute and chronic injuries and conditions in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Who to See

William B. Wiley, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. William Wiley, orthopaedic doctor specializing in sports medicine, joint replacement, shoulder, trauma, knee, hip, ankle, elbow, foot, and hand in Warner Robins and Perry, Georgia. 

Who to See

Jeffrey C. Easom, D.O.

Learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Easom, orthopaedic doctor specializing in knee, shoulder, sports injuries, hand, wrist, ankle, elbow, foot, joint replacement & revision, hip, trauma in Warner Robins and Perry, Georgia.  

Who to See

Derrick D. Phillips, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Derrick Phillips, orthopaedic doctor specializing in joint replacement, ankle, foot, hip, knee, shoulder, sports injuries, and trauma in Warner Robins, Georgia.  

Who to See

David H. Wiley, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. David Wiley, orthopaedic doctor specializing in shoulder, sports injuries, joint replacement & revision, knee, elbow, hip, wrist, ankle, foot, and trauma in Warner Robins and Perry, Georgia.  

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If you’re injured on or off the pickleball court, your injuries need prompt treatment. Call (478) 953-4563 for a same-day appointment and be seen quickly by a specialty-trained orthopaedic provider at our Warner Robins or Perry location.