Financial Policies

Our financial policies have been written to clearly explain your responsibility for the services provided to you. If you need further information about any of these policies, please ask to speak with our Billing Coordinator.

Health Insurance: Health care insurance is intended to cover some, but not necessarily all, of the cost of your treatment. Most plans include coinsurance and/or a deductible that must be paid by the patient. If you have health insurance, please bring your plan identification card with you to your first visit. You are responsible for the difference between what your insurance pays and the total charges for your care, less any discounts if we are contracted providers with your plan. Co-Pays: If your insurance requires that you make a co-pay for the services we provide, we will expect that you pay this amount, usually between $10 and $25, at the time of your visit.

Referrals: If your health plan requires a referral or authorization from your primary care physician, we will need to receive the authorization before you see one of our physicians. If we have not received an authorization prior to your arrival at our office, we have a telephone available for you to call your primary care physician or health plan to get it. If you are unable to obtain the referral at that time, you can reschedule your appointment or pay us directly for the services we provide you.

Worker’s Compensation: If we have verified your claim with your employer or your employer’s worker’s compensation carrier, no payment is necessary at the time of your visit. If we are not able to verify your claim, we will ask that you pay us directly for the services we provide you.

Third-Party Liability: If you are seeing us as the result of an accident or an injury for which another party is responsible, we will require information about the party financially responsible for your care, or, in the case of an automobile accident, we will require your automobile insurance information. If we cannot obtain this information, we will ask that you pay us directly for the services we provide you.

No Insurance: If you do not have health insurance or another party financially-responsible for your care, you must pay for services at the time of your visit. We require payment of an initial consultation fee when you check in that will cover the approximate cost of services, test and supplies. Additional visits must also be pre-paid at the time of check-in. Our Billing Coordinator can provide you with our current initial consultation fee.

Charity Care: We do not participate in any financial assistance programs, and notices of financial hardship determinations from hospitals do not cover services provided by our office or our physicians.

Surgery: If your physician recommends surgery and you have insurance coverage, we will work to complete all pre-certification/authorization if your insurance company requires it. If you do not have insurance, or if you will be responsible for a substantial portion of the surgery charges, we request a pre-surgical deposit from you.

X-Ray Film Copies: Occasionally patients will request a copy of their x-ray films. Copies are not paid for by insurance; however, we will provide this service upon request for a fee of $10 per film. Please call us at least 24 hours before you will need your copies. Payment must be received at the time copies are picked up.

Miscellaneous Forms: We will complete forms within 10 to 14 business days of your request. We reserve the right to charge a fee for the completion of various forms.

Account Statements: We will mail you a statement once a month if there is an outstanding balance on your account. We expect payment in full on any balance.

Collection Agencies: If our monthly statements are ignored, a final statement warning that your account will be placed with a collection agency will be mailed to you. If no payment is received within two weeks of the final notice, the account will be sent to a collection agency, where substantial collection costs may be added to the account balance.