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Verified Patient Rating: 5
(11,805) Patient Reviews and Ratings
  • “My experience with Dr. Malone was excellent. He was patient, listened to my concerns, and was very thorough.”
    – Tammy L.
  • “My experience with Dr. Wiley was very good.”
    – Lois C.
  • “Dr. Malone was knowledgeable, kind, and courteous.”
    – Omer R.
  • “Dr. Malone was very professional.”
    – Carl H.
  • “Dr. Wiley was very friendly and understanding about how you feel. He answers your questions.”
    – Martha B.
  • “I was very pleased with the service and attention from Dr. Malone and the staff.”
    – Carlos F.
  • “Dr. Malone has been my doctor since 2013. He is very personal with you and takes it one patient at a time. I love Dr. Malone.”
    – Pauline J.
  • “My experience with Dr. Malone was good.”
    – Henry C.
  • “Dr. Harris is very easy to work with and communicate with.”
    – Jan K.
  • “I was very impressed with Dr. Wiley's service.”
    – Rosie P.
  • “Dr. Malone is the bomb. None can touch his style in practice experience. He is a ten.”
    – Robin R.
  • “There is no other place I'd rather be. Dr. Malone and the staff are the best. They take good care of their patients. I love their personalities. They know how to treat you.”
    – Gwendolyn C.
  • “Good experience. Dr. Malone told me everything he and his nurse saw and what they were doing. It felt good to let me know what they found out while I was still there.”
    – James C.
  • “Dr. Harris is the ultimate professional in every way. He recently performed surgery on my wife’s Achilles, and she was 100% satisfied with the results and his expertise. Now that I have knee issues, I wouldn’t want anyone other than Dr. Harris to perform the surgery. Why gamble with anyone else?”
    – Brett J.
  • “Thank you Doctor Malone for your professionalism, service, and advice given during my visit on Thursday. Your staff was equally professional assisting me from start to finish.”
    – Herman W.
  • “Good customer service and friendly staff. Dr. Malone was good and gave a thorough explanation of my condition.”
    – Gwendolyn Y.
  • “Dr. D. Wiley is very personable and pleasant. He answered all my questions and gave me treatment options to consider from immediate to more extensive treatment to determine the cause of pain. He was also honest in explaining what to expect. Dr. D. Wiley also ensured I knew about things to do at home to alleviate pain and improve my quality of life!”
    – Karen D.
  • “Dr. Wiley listens, is caring, explains things, and is willing to work with you.”
    – Vickie N.
  • “Dr. Harris did everything with a high level of professional care and experience. Very well done.”
    – Johnny R.
  • “Friendly. Caring. Knowledgeable. Dr. Wiley listens to you and is easy to work with. He is a great doctor. ”
    – Vickie N.
  • “Dr. Malone is the best. He explains everything and helps me understand. Dr. Malone will go above and beyond to make sure I have what I need that's best. As a physician, he's true to his profession. He observes, listens, and is genuinely concerned. He has an amazing staff, even the NP and physicians I've seen in his absence. Great group and staff. Thank you.”
    – Karen R.
  • “Dr. Harris was very nice and helpful. ”
    – Deleashia S.
  • “I selected Dr. Harris, and I am glad I did. He is personable, precise, and on task. He explained the problem, told me what we would do in the order it was being done and why before we would even do an MRI. I also like the fact that everything the doctor orders can be done in the office. I was satisfied and enjoyed my first experience at Middle GA Orthopedics. I would and will recommend Dr. Harris and Middle GA Ortho, Warner Robins GA office. Thank you. See you next week.”
    – Anita M.
  • “Excellent service from Dr. Harris.”
    – Gregory K.
  • “Good experience with Dr. Harris. ”
    – Scott T.