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Golf Injury Prevention

Overuse injuries of the elbow, shoulder, and back are common in golfers. Don’t let an injury affect your swing by following these tips.

Gymnastics Injury Prevention

Between the countless hours spent in the gym and the strain the average gymnast puts on his or her body, gymnastics injuries are common and can be dangerous if left untreated. The following tips can help prevent gymnastics injuries.

Hockey Injuries

With a sport that requires as much speed and power as hockey does, injuries are bound to happen. Know the risk factors and common injuries that can occur and how they can be prevented before playing hockey.

Inline Skating Injury Prevention

Inline skating is a good way to burn calories without putting too much strain on the joints of the lower body. Although less stress is put on the body, injuries and falls can still occur and should be treated immediately. Here are some ways to prevent inline skating injuries.

Lacrosse Injury Prevention

Since lacrosse is a combination of speed, change of direction, stick, ball, and contact, players are prone to all types of injuries. Follow these tips to prevent serious injury.

Martial Arts Injury Prevention

Martial arts vary in techniques, rules, and protective equipment used, so injuries that result from this sport can also vary. Learn how to best prevent injuries and keep the sport enjoyable.

Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

By staying alert, keeping in good physical condition, and stopping when you are tired or in pain, you can prevent most winter sports injuries. Read these tips on how to avoid injuries this winter season.

Racquet Sports

Racquet sports are enjoyed by people of all ages but require quick pivots and speed. This quick change of pace and direction can lead to injuries of all kinds. Learn how to avoid injury and still enjoy the game.

Rowing Injury Prevention

Rowing requires the continuous use of the same muscles, which can easily lead to overuse injuries. It’s important to learn the cause of injuries and how to prevent future injury.

Rugby Injury Prevention

Rugby is an endurance based sport combined with contact and tackling, which creates potential opportunities for overuse and impact injuries. Stay safe on the field by following these injury prevention tips.


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