Antibiotic drugs are used to kill bacteria and other organisms in the body that are causing infection. Some antibiotic drugs include penicillin, amoxicillin, erythromycin, and cephalosporin.

Taking antibiotics
Antibiotics should be taken only when prescribed by your doctor. Finish the entire prescription of antibiotics, even if your symptoms go away before the prescription is gone. Antibiotics kill off most of the bacteria in the first days of treatment, but the stronger "resistant" bacteria that survive can live after your symptoms disappear. If you stop taking the antibiotics too soon, the remaining resistant bacteria can grow back and cause your symptoms to reoccur. Also, the antibiotic may no longer be effective. Antibiotics are not used in viral infections. They have no effect against the "common cold."

Side Effects
Antibiotics may cause nausea or an upset stomach. Be sure to call your doctor to discuss any severe side effects; there may be a better medication for you.