Jonathon’s Patient Story: From Back Pain in the ER to Relief in Daily Life

After not being able to walk or even rest due to severe back pain, Jonathon ended up visiting the emergency room to get relief. They sent him home with an anti-inflammatory, which was ineffective for his needs. Finally, Jonathon decided to see a specialist and made an appointment with fellowship-trained, board-certified spine specialist Dr. Daxes Banit.

“The pain was getting so severe that he was delaying even normal, daily functions,” says Dr. Banit. “So, at that point, you know, it is having a severe impact on his well-being.”

Dr. Banit applied his expertise to diagnose Jonathon and worked with him on a treatment plan that would relieve his symptoms and give him mobility back.

Jonathan, says Dr. Banit, was up and walking within an hour and a half of surgery. Today, Jonathon is doing even better after recovery.

Learn more about Jonathon’s experience at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics by watching the video below.