Dr. Daxes Banit, spine surgeon, performs outpatient spinal fusion on young bride

Ardith Melden is getting married on June 10, and she will be starting her new life pain free for the first time in 10 years thanks to the expert spine care of Dr. Daxes Banit at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics. After years of conservative treatment, she recently underwent an outpatient spinal fusion performed by Dr. Banit and was well enough to make it to her bridal shower two days later.

“Dr. Banit and his staff assured me I would be ready in time for my wedding, and they were right!” said Melden. “Even waking up from surgery, I felt immediate relief from the pain I have dealt with my entire adult life. I feel like I get to start my life all over again . . . it’s a new me!”

Dr. Banit is the only provider offering this surgery in the outpatient setting within a two-hour radius of Warner Robins, and it is something he has been performing with his expertly trained staff for 10 years.

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