Dr. Daxes Banit Helps Local School Health Technician Get Back on Duty

In April 2018, Kings Chapel Elementary School’s health technician Della Griffore started experiencing pain on the side of her leg due to a spinal problem. As the pain continued to increase, it started impacting her daily life.

“I couldn’t walk for very long distances; my leg hurt all the time,” says Griffore. “I couldn’t cook dinner. I had to have a chair at the stove.”

Griffore tried multiple ways to find relief, including braces, but the pain persisted. After deciding enough was enough with the pain, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Daxes Banit, a boardcertified, fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics.

“My husband and I both went to the first appointment with Dr. Banit,” says Griffore. “We both felt comfortable with him. Dr. Banit took his time explaining the surgery and answered our questions. I didn’t feel pushed or rushed. He gave us the information we needed and then scheduled a follow-up appointment with us so we were not making a snap decision and had time to think it over.”

Griffore and her husband reviewed all of the information Dr. Banit gave them and decided to have him perform the outpatient lumbar fusion surgery, which was scheduled for April 10.

“After surgery, the leg pain was gone immediately. I had no problems, no infections. I had a wonderful recovery. I couldn’t ask for better results,” says Griffore.

Since Griffore’s spine surgery was outpatient, she was able to leave following surgery and start her recovery in the comfort of her own home. However, even though she was at home, Middle Georgia Orthopaedics still provided her with care and support. Her care team, including nurses and physical therapists, checked on her at home following surgery as well as throughout her recovery process until she no longer needed them and graduated to in-office physical therapy at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics.

“I had a very, very good experience all around: the care that I was given, the concern that was shown to me,” says Griffore. “It all made me feel like I mattered, not that my back was all that mattered.”

Now, Griffore is back to taking mile-long daily walks and, as of August, back to serving student health needs. She credits her newfound freedom to the comprehensive, compassionate care provided by Dr. Banit and the entire staff at Middle Georgia Orthopaedics.

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