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Thank you for choosing Middle Georgia Orthopaedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Middle Georgia Orthopaedics.

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Average Rating: 4.9
“I treasure the fact that Dr. Phillips and MGO have been taking care of me. I value their patience with me. I wouldn't want to use another doctor or Facility, even though I've gotten quite a few recommendations. Been seeing them so long, they are like family!”
– Marva T.
“Awesome group of folks! The entire staff was courteous and the flow throughout the process was seamless. Dr. Wiley was very supportive and willing to dig in for the best diagnosis and course of action! Thank you all!!”
– Jason F.
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“My experience was very pleasant. The staff was polite. Dr. Malone was very down to earth and professional.”
– James R.
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“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Wiley and all of the staff. I'd definitely give a 5 star rating.”
– Beverly A.
“I had a very nice experience. Caring and professional staff.”
– Delma V.
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“Great outcome, great experience, outstanding doctor and staff. They made me fell like the only patient they had. Everything necessary for my needs were all in the same building and everyone on the Malone team was enthusiastic, respectful and incredibly competent.”
– Larry O.
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“Dr. Phillips was very nice and took care of my concerns as well as explaining everything to me in a way I could understand.”
– Brian V.
“After having been sent to the other local Ortho office and they were unable to help me with a "frozen shoulder" my physician requested that I be seen by one of your doctors. I received excellent care and after a few weeks of therapy at your facility my shoulder is fine. I'm thankful for the excellent care I received at Middle Georgia Orthopedics.”
– Lydia J.
“Dr. Phillips provided me with excellent service and truly has my best interests when it comes to my care!”
– Laquanda A.
“Dr. Easom and Andrew both take time to listen and interact with patients. Both are very knowledgeable in treating patients. I had a meniscus repair surgery with Arthroscopy and I am very satisfied with the results of both the surgery and post-op follow-ups with them both. The front office staff is friendly and eager to help in any way they can. I am fully satisfied with the practice.”
– Terri R.